Tuesday, January 11, 2011

True Philosophy

Philosophy, baptized
In the fountain of eternal love,
Has eyes indeed;  and viewing all she sees
As meant ot indicate a God to man,
Gives Him his praise, and forfeits not her own.
Learning has borne such fruit in other days
On all her branches: Piety has found
Friends in the friends of science, and true prayer
Has flow'd from lips wet with Castilian dews.
Such was thy wisdom, Newton, child-like sage!
Sagacious reader of the works of God,
And in word sagacious.  Such, too, thine,
Milton, whose genius had angelic wings,
And fed on manna!  And such thine, in whom
Our British Themis gloried with just cause,
Immortal Hale!  for deep discernment praised,
And sound integrity, not more than famed
For sanctity of manners undefiled.

Isn't Theology the Mother of all Sciences because it puts Christ as the rightful Center?
Philosophy is now a bunch of gobblely gook because it has lost its truth.  We have a lot to regain.


Steve Finnell said...
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Janine said...

Hey Jojo. So very true! Philosophy has lost so much of it's depth when Christ is no longer its foundation. I love reading your posts. Have a beautiful Tuesday. ps - Love the new look. Now I need another cuppa coffee and need to do some more reading ;)

EJN said...

Good Morning Janine,
I about tograb my first cup too. Have a great Tuesday! We are snowed in (so fun =o]), I am sure you and your kidlets have lots of sun to play in - Enjoy it.