Saturday, January 8, 2011

Our First Epiphany

We celebrated our first Epiphany with our Bible Study Group on Wednesday night,  we are trying to recover some of the beauty and tradition of the Christian Calendar.  Wouldn't it be great to say K. hadn't missed out on all those years in this area?  I do trust that covenental succession will proceed from these simple beginnings so that her little ones will have King's cupcakes with hidden treasure, homemade crowns, responsive readings, hymns and the like to celebrate even their earliest memories of Epiphany. 

Contrary to the popular perception of wife and motherhood as mundane and unspectacular, I see these roles as the most exciting opportunities of my life.  Just as the family can be the root of the deepest pain, I believe the family can be the root of the deepest joy.  I thus aspire to sacrificially fulfill both roles  and so bring about an environment of growth and love for my family.            -K. Essay to A. College, 2011
Things like cupcakes, laughing, eating, communing together, discussing truth, loving one another in community, the walking out of life in a long series of trifflings is exactly the "stuff" of living. Each event in and of itself is not super signifigant, yet they are not in the least trivial.
"The human house is a paradox, for it is larger inside than out." - G.K.Chesterton

"As for me and my House, we will serve the Lord." - Joshua
We will not do it  perfectly, not even close; but as we continue to fall on the Rock, we will be broken and not crushed, ever putting our hope in what lies ahead.


Keeley said...

I love that G.K.Chesterton quote - so true. =)

EJN said...

Yeah!GKC is great, one of my favs! Sorry Ben drank the ALL the milk. So teenager. They say the brain of a 3 year old and a mid teen is very similar in function. There are those days =o} They pass.

Keeley said...

I calmed down quite a bit after my first outburst about the milk. =P The world hasn't ended in this milk-less household. =D I'll just get some more tomorrow.

Yes! I learned that in a class at college. The brains of both toddlers and teenagers are preparing to make a massive cognitive leap...and thus they don't work very well at times. =D Plus, he just needs to learn to think about other people rather than just himself from time to time. =D

And his Momma needs to not freak out over things that, in the long run, don't really matter. =D

EJN said...

YOu'll get to hang out tomorrow and enjoyu eachotherm as Williamson County is closed. We are still on up here in Nash =oP A