Saturday, October 10, 2015

Son of God, hear us, and since Thou
By taking our blood, owest it us again,
Gain to Thyself, or us allow ;
And let not both us and Thyself be slain ;
O Lamb of God, which took'st our sin,
Which could not stick to Thee,
O let it not return to us again ;
But Patient and Physician being free,
As sin is nothing, let it nowhere be.

- J. Donne

Life is full of ends and beginnings-and in the middle it is mostly- a mess of full stops, muck, and restarts. 

This is the end of John Donne's "Litany". 

It's a shadow of life's True End.
  • Sin the once- "here Now"-- is at once - "no Where"
  • That's a flip.
Shadows are finders, they remind us that there is... a really real.
Shadows also whisper that this little slice of time and space is not it; it is not the one true thing.  It's just a sloshy, little step on the really real roadmap.

Was it the end God had in mind, or was it the road- when He began..."In the beginning..."?  
Is that a false dichotomy?

And in the end, isn't the real end,  just the Beginning anyway?