Friday, January 25, 2013


He’s excused himself from Spencer, the Student Body King-
That grabbed my gaze, and now--I see him rocketing towards me.
The twink’lin eyes and rippling build has caught my breath and thought-
A friend to each had aptly said, .. “to freshman she’ll talk not.”
Exception made, he’s wiser than the boys that ‘round there grazed-
So there we were, convivial --setting precedent in tome
In chapel met—for two weeks straight, ask’n, “Can we make a home?”
The interview at me was aimed, or ‘twas, it, at him, leveled—
We chuckle now, saying “Wasn’t me who was bedeviled!”
-JN,  January 2012; opening stanza, A Poem from a Wife so Amply Loved,  a life tale

Today is our 21st wedding anniversary.  IT all started a little over 22 years ago when Ed tracked down my name and number through mutual friends and asked to meet me in the dining commons (college cafe) during dead week ( the week set aside to cram before midterms).  By then, I'd chatted with friends and found out he was an older student that had come in that fall, (I was a junior).  When I walked in, Ed left the most important guy in the room to come greet me, I was impressed, enamored and put at ease, immediately.  He stills sees me, I know that this is a gift, a blessing from God, and I'm so very thankful.  I'm no gnostic, and the good gifts of God come in people of dust.  We are cut from dusty cloth indeed... but today I give thanks for a home filled with goodly, redeemed dust.