Saturday, February 28, 2015

From My Favorite Poet

It tolls for thee, the leaden pall
Cathedral-bound today.
I-Fichten-I, your tomb you wall,
By your own hand bury.

She tolls for Thee, the brazen belle
Cathedral-bound today.
Three-Personed God her groom, she will
Soon take your hand, marry.

It rings for Thee, the golden bell-
Cathedral crown etern'.
Three Personed Love, your children fell
But by your hand returned.
KCN 3/26/15 Hartford Home

My daughter Kelsey wrote this, we had an hour and a half discussion on it. I am philosophy challenged so she tutored me on Fichten.
Some things worth noting:
  • The verses sound the same but have vastly different meaning. The progression is from self (humanism) to the Church in the world, to the Music of the Spheres and Eternal truth.
  • The path from lead to bronze to gold
  • Trinity personage - self - Fichten was the predecessor to Freud; seeing ourself in Christ as we are in the World; The Holy Trinity sovereign and acting in love over Creation for all time.
  • Hand - self, giving ourselves to God, The Divine Hand of Sovereignty and Love. Depending on the volition of the hand it brings death, or unity and salvation.
This is not a feely, flowy kind of poem. It is all bones and structure.  I like that. A young woman of few words and deep thought, her poetry is reflective of her personality and gifting.  It is always amazing to me how God has made her. We are very different. In the space between I find respect and joy and thanksgiving to Our Lord who creates spance for navigating this poor, fallen world in a muddle. The mess is part of the joy, it is where HE reveals himself, and grants us hope in what we, all too often are blind to see.