Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Visitors at Night!

By Keri, Sara, and Amy Boyd

Each day and each night in Ashland, Tennessee
Strange things happen in the Boyd family.
Two little girls, as cute as can be
Have strange little visitors at night you will see.

Each morning as the two girls, Amy and Sara, awake
Their mommy is asking, “Come on girls, get ready for school. How long can it take?”
So the girls hop up, pop on their clothes, and tidy up their room,
After quickly eating their breakfast they are ready to groom.

First come the teeth, no problem there,
But then, last but not least, its time for their hair.
Their mom is now shouting, “Come on girls, we’re in a rush!”
Now imagine what happens when they reach for a brush,

The brush starts out fine at the top of their hair,
But it gets stuck halfway down, there is something in there.
They call their mom in to the bathroom to help,
She takes the brush and soon there’s a yelp!!!!

Ouch, that hurts me mommy! They cry
Mommy continues to brush, she let’s out a sigh,
Sara and Amy whine and wiggle,
But their moms wants to make them laugh and giggle.

So she tells them “I am sorry, it hurts you I know,
But that tangle family in your hair just has to GO!”
The girls stop the fussing and listen with delight.
This is when they discover they have visitors at night.

Their mom, whom they know to be very wise,
Puts down the hairbrush and looks into their eyes.
“Now girls, don’t tell your friends, it would cause quite a scare,
But I have figured out what is wrong in your hair.

It’s the Tangle family, a teenie tiny group of acrobats,
they are small but adventurous and want to go for a ride,
So they wait until you are asleep to jump in your hair and hide,
They’ve crawled into your hair, those sneaky little pesks,
and they have tangled it into this tangly mess.

But instead of crying and making them mad,
Let’s find a way to make those acrobats glad!
We’ll sing them a song while we brush your hair,
Sweetly convince them to come down from there.

How about a song that goes just like this:

Oh mister and misses, or brother and sis,
Come down from my hair and I’ll give you a kiss
You can come for a ride, just not in my hair
Hop in my pocket, lunchbox, or shoe,
I will be happy to spend my day with you!”

So the girls sang the Tangles this sweet little rhyme
The tangles happily climbed down from their hair just in time!
The girls got to school just a bit before the bell
With a pocket full of friends and a story to tell.

So the next time you have trouble at your house with your hair.
You have to think about who might be up there.
Don’t wiggle or whine or yell at your mother
Be kind to the Tangle family and to each other,
Stand tall and stand still and sing a song like us,
You’ll make some new friends and be on time for the bus!

This was written on a snow day earlier this month by a friend, and her little girlies.  Absolutely, our favorite kind of teaching rhyme.
On being kind to one another:
"Children, let us love one another for love comes from God." 1 John 4:7

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CAjohnsonfamily said...

That was so great! I wish I had that poem to read to Aaliyah when she was little and gave me the hardest time doing her hair :)