Monday, February 7, 2011

Hymns and Road Trips

Last week, as our friend, S.,  K and I were on our way home from down south, she popped in an Alan Jackson CD a friend had given her.  I thought most of his tunes, were ruckus songs - but he does gospel- and with his deep, rich, expressive voice -does it great, too.  By the time the first line finished - I was hooked.  The CD was full of the Hymns I grew up on.
S. and I, she's a PK'sK, were in full ham by the time we got to "What Can Wash Away My Sins",  and K.'s, was  being a good sport, because what she wanted to do is crawl out  the back window.  IT was fun.
This past week, my friend showed up with a B-day gift trifecta, it was the CD, a journal and a Starbucks card.
Anyway, Alan Jackson's "Precious Memories"  is great road trip music. It is headed to my mp3 too.

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Janine said...

That sounds soooo fun!!! Wish I could have been a fly (or maybe a butterfly rather) on that car window to see all the action! Sooo funny!! By the way ... did I miss something ... was it your birthday????? If I missed it HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I have so loved getting to know you through our blog journeys! Sending you all my love!!!