Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Good Stuff

A truth revealed outside this left window,
All hills and roads are cover'd with thick snow,

A dad, his girl, a pup, a rope, a sled,
She's wearing pink, her little nose all red.

Is filled, the route a mem'ry bank now paid.
And this, the way, good stuff of life is made.

I was reading about poetry and prose this morning and a faint giggle turned my head left, out the window.  Dad was bundled in a hunting jacket, and his daughter was in pink with a turquoise scarf as they meandered down our snowy hill of a road.  Their dog was pulling them in their sled.  I couldn't help but laugh! 

I decided to put what I've learned into practice and write a poem. I chose iambic pentameter with rhyming couplets - that is to say - the pattern da Da repeated 5 times in a line; and lines, in pairs, that rhyme.  In poet world, this is the easy peasy stuff - hmmm, really? For me, not so much - but it is fun to learn about.

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vyktrhi888 said...

Great job, angel...I like it alot....And look published! (aren't you somethin'!) ALready knew that, though.....