Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Foolishness of God

Thus the Wisdom of God, setting out to cure men, applied himself to cure them, being at once the Physician and Medicine. Because man fell through pride, he applied Humility as a cure.  We were trapped by the wisdom of the serpent; We are freed by the foolishness of God.  Just as that which was called wisdom was foolishness in those who condemned God, thus this which is called foolishness is wisdom in those who conquer the Devil. 
We ill used our immortality as that we deserved to die; Christ used His morality well to restore us...The same principles on contraries is illustrated in the example of His virtues cure our vices. (Augustine, On Christian Doctrine, Book 1, XVI)
Augustine goes on to list the similarities found in His (Christ Jesus')work  - "He was born of a woman, freed those decieved by a woman; that as a man He freed men; that as a mortal, He freed mortals; that in death He freed the dead."

Two things that so penetrate through my thoughts and straight into my heart are first - our Lord Jesus used Humility to cure pride; and secondly, He died so that we are dead no longer.  Incredible.  Amazing.  These things are antithetical to our flesh, yet they are our calling and the cure as we are to follow  Him because we are found  in Him, that is Christ.
Am I humble? Am I dying to self? (Do you, as I , prefer to keep these two questions shelved or in the confines of rhetoric?) Choosing thoughts unto life, this is the reason for education, No? 

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