Saturday, February 5, 2011

Self Aquiantance

Dear Lord! accept a sinful heart,
Which of itself complains,
And mourns, with much and frequent smart.
The evil it contains.

There fiery seeds of anger lurk,
Which often hurt my frame;
And wait but for the tempter's work,
To fan them or flame.

Legality holds out a bribe
To purchase life from three;
And Discontent would fain prescribe
How Thou shalt deal with me.

While unbelief withstands Thy grace,
And puts the mercy by,
Presumption, with a brow of brass,
Says, "Give me, or I die!"

How eager are my thoughts to roam,
In quest of what they love!
But ah! when duty calls them home,
How heavily they move!

Oh, cleanse me in a Saviour's blood,
Transform me by Thy power,
And make me Thy beloved abode,
And let me roam no more.

-William Cowper

There is but one road; He said, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life." When it becomes about me, it is NOT about HIM.  That is sin. 

This is the last of my 30 day installment of  Cowper (pronounced Cooper - thanks Mrs. M.) poems.

Poetry exemplifies passion for all life.  
Aristotle said it, Poetry, was one of the four pillars of civilization (paraphrase)

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Janine said...

Thank you for your posts. Each post speaks truth which always leads to liberty! Much love to you for the week ahead. Janine