Tuesday, July 27, 2010


A good friend came over today. We talked about teaching, about children, about packing, about life. She read me something. It stopped me.

Does this happen to you? When you see something "other" does it widens your vision of God and His workingS? Maybe it gives you more questions, makes you angry. Many times it makes we wonder. Sometimes it makes me want to cry.

My life is so sheltered. I worry about pipes and tickets and timing and, and, and the list goes on. These things are normalicy for me. It has become my reality. It is so easy for the mudane to creep in. Not every place is like my place.

A perspective from another place.

The class had been reading a selection about lizards and their ability to change colors when necessary. The teacher had stopped to discuss the word camouflage with the class when a Sudanese student raised his hand and said, “Oh, I know what that word means, when the soldiers came to kill us in the summer they wore green, but when they came to kill us in the winter, they wore brown.”

The world is larger than my viewpoint. That is the point.

Somethings you can't understand.

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WordGirl said...

Great post. What a stunning heart wrenching quote. And the way the student just offered it up so simply stated is stunning, too. It reminds me of Little Bee because I thought that book told a very disturbing story in a straightforward way that made it both easier and harder to read. Easier because it gave the reader emotional distance. Harder because life is so hard and often so much harder than my own life.