Saturday, April 3, 2010

He passed us over. BLESSED BE HIS NAME

Wow! I'm thinking this year has been quite crazy. It is Easter weekend. It remindeds me afresh of just how sweet and all inclusive the love of the Lord is. He is truly all that I need. I don't need my family, my work, my community of friends, yet He has ordained them all for beauty and trials and brokeness of life for bitterness. The idea of sweet and bitter all mixed in together like like the charoset in the passover meal.
I love put the headcoverings on and recounting the story of God's delieverance - it is so fun to have the little ones around. They are so intent on throwing the yeast as farrrrrrrrrrrrr as they can from the house door. Upon finishing the Passover feast - they ran out and kept throwing the yeast out to see who could throw it all the way down the hill in our front yard.
The yeast of course represents the sin is present in all of us being that we are broken. The tossing away reminds us yet again that our sin is truly no more. Living in the inbetween stage of what is not yet and what IS (yet we do not see trapped in this timeline of events).

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