Sunday, April 4, 2010

Where Did Dancing Come from?

We had a great message in church today. Carter, our pastor, encouraged us to experience freedom and dance. Let me back up. He mentioned Nietzche who stated something to the effect that he could not believe in a God who couldn't dance and to christians without joy (loose paraphrase). I started thinking about dancing. I love to dance, I dance with my husband, I dance with my daughter, I dance by myself in the kitchen, with the music as LOUD as it can go. Christian, Country, Rock, anything that has some redemptive thing in it. It sets my spirit free in a kind of way that very few other things do. I think dancing in the kitchen must be universal. We ladies don't really talk about it, but we must all do it. I know my husband, (husbands in general, probably) love walking into a kitchen filled with the joy and energy of a unihibited dancing wife. When he walks in - I blush a little and simmer way down - but when its just the Lord and me - I feel free and thankful and good music reminds me of all the many blessings in my life. As far as Nietzche goes, I am sorry that he never understood the blessings of a God full of goodness. I also know that the joy and thankful expressed while dancing in front of Jesus - is one of the times I feel his freedom and glory. Some of my favs- John Micheal - Canticle of the Bride, Celebration, Canticle of the Groom, Alan Jackson- There might be a little dust on the bottle Joe Nichols- Give me that Girl Chris Rice - Anamanic ( the whole Past the Edges CD is great) Nathan Clark George- You Make me Smile Nathan Clark George- Little Trees DC Talk - God is Doing a New Thing Garth Brooks - The Dance Carlise - Butterfly Kisses James Taylor- Something in the way she moves. (He has several good songs on his Live album)

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EJN said...

One more thing about dancing - I loved it when Dad and Mom would kick back the coffee talk and dance in the Living Room. All 5 of us watch'n. It is one of my favorite yesteryear memories.