Sunday, April 11, 2010

Finding Him in the Garden

I just love gardening. You probably couldn't tell by looking at my yard - but I do. It reveals God's goodness and grace - I weed, plant, water and think.
Spiritual truths come to me in funny little stories of the garden.
Yesterday, after I finished some of my "list" I headed to the yard. I had yet to touch the flowerbeds, and they with the wonderful weather were sprouting all sorts of ugliness everywhere. So I started with my favorite bed and worked my way down to the least favorite.
My favorite was the first planted 3 years ago, it is the easiest weeded because it has lots of mulch and is full of the little perinnels my neighbor bestows on me. After it I moved onto my hosta plot. I love all the variety in hostas - it reminds me of God's gratuitiousness in creation. I finished those beds in less than 30 minutes.
My next two plots were a mess and took over two hours - but the weather was perfect -the breeze gave me energy and I happily continued.
As I rounded the front of the house to grab my new weeder - I saw a huge dandleion in the middle of the first bed hidden to my eyes during its weeding. I laughed at the humor of missing it. And the Lord reminded me of how he's cleans out my mess and just when I think it is good and I am ready to rest,relax and enjoy - he in his grace says, "Just this one last thing we'll need to be addressing"

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