Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Grand Day...

It could more aptly be said to be a thankful day.  C., our grandnephew, spent the day and is snoozing on the couch. 
While zippy- doodling down the road, I heard him say from the back seat, "God is good!" My heart felt much bigger than my chest for a moment- C.'s outburst was most likely due to his reflecting on the cool bike and great slippers we'd just found at the Goodwill bins.
Later, I was again thankful that the only tool we hadn't lent out to the girls, was the ratchet wrench we needed to fit the new training wheels on that old bike - it worked perfectly. No rouge molecules or unshadowed moments, or anything new in this old world. God is good.
Those times when we see His loving goodness in the small, unextraordinary glimmers are, indeed, grand and extraordinary in deed.


Jessica said...

Oh how sweet. Yes, God is good.

Susan Struck said...

What a cool thing to hear from young lips!