Monday, October 8, 2012

Sweet Words from a Precious Poet

Teddy Bears do not have claws
But teeny, tiny velvet paws,
That softly brush away your tears
And push away your deepest fears.

Teddy Bears don't run away.
But ever grinning they will stay
Between your sheets and arms at night
When Mommy comes turn out the light.

Teddy Bears don't ask for much
Besides a warm and gentle touch
So hold them tight and don't let go-
Forget your worry and your woe.
-KCN  July 31, 2012

I was journal browsing and came across this poem that my daughter wrote during a trip we took this summer.  She is by far, my favorite poet...most of her stuff is pretty philosophical and has deep illusions to heady stuff - this one is straight forward, but I like it because it reminds me of when she was herself,  teeny, tiny.  Her teddy bear came in the form of a "Tommy" baby doll.  She still  has him, I spied him among her things at her new apartment and I couldn't help but smile.
Most of God's sweetest graces are found in the simplest gifts, time with our loved ones and seeing their perspectives on things is a grace gift - I am so thankful for those moments when I think my heart must burst from the joy of it.  It is indeed, a profound paradox, that a world with its deep fallen-ness can make a heart so forlorn and its smallest, sweet joys can make a heart exuberant.  I am very thankful that this world is not boring, vanilla perfect.  What kind of story would that be? 

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