Sunday, November 4, 2012

A parable of pumpkins...

I love decorating for the seasons, especially Christmas - best season of ever; but fall is nice, too. This morning I was looking at my porch with its pumpkins and wreath and thanking the Lord, who harvest is plentiful, even with lessons.
But I need to back up, I went to the porch to deliver the big ol' marked down pumpkin that I picked up on yesterday's zip through the grocery store.  As I set it in the place of the other pumpkin, I noticed that its bumps and irregularity fit it perfectly to the corner of the top step of my stairs. Hmmm...funny, thought I.
It is true that some of things that fit us for our place are the bumps and scars that are so unseemly to the world.  If I had been looking for the perfect pumpkin - I wouldn't have chosen that one, yet it deep burnt orange, tall, and plump - just lovely and the squarishness of part even with its scars might aptly fit to my highest stoop. Which it did...hmmm.
The creator allows us pain filled scars and bumps to coincide with gifts and loveliness in other areas to fit us to the stoop he has designed for our habitation. So often I have embraced the bumps and scars or worst, yet, the gifts and accomplishments in other areas without seeing, it is wholeness, the entirety of it, that brings both beauty and usefulness. The idea of seeing God's hands moulding us in the blessing and adversity - and refusing to give up either. Refuse blessing? ANYONE? Refuse adversity? Everyone?
I find I can gauge my thankfulness and belief of God's sovereignty with this very question. Now, I am not saying that wisdom doesn't compel me to pray and act for the relief of adversity and sorrow.  But when God's answer comes back, "No, this is my will concerning you."  Then what?
Decision time: Do I trust that the bumps that I incur will be for my good. That He is good. That He is acting in my best interest and that give me blessing instead of adversity would be the act of an unloving Father - which He will not, and cannot be?
Funny ol' pumpkin with its scars and bumps...fitted for its place.


Susan Struck said...

Oh, I love this post! Your thoughts were expressed so well. I hope I think of this post next time I face real adversity.

EJN said...

Thanks Susan...We've been going through some adversity and so...It seems to be in and through most of my writing and quite frankly, the reason I wrtie so seldom these days... I am praying to move through the adversity to joy - but it is a process.
A few quotes I like...
"True achievers have made adversity their friend" (unsure of the author)
"God often difs the wells of joy with the spades of affliction."
Have a great week! Thanks for stopping by.

EJN said...

Whoops - digs the wells - not difs! :o)