Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Natural Communion


How fair the golden petals

Bloomed from a slender stem —

Their molded, molten metals,

Their rubied, rounded rim.

A fragile, tapered swan neck

Grasped by a shadowed form,

A curving lip’s soft peck

Upon a mouth made warm.

How well does nature’s chalice

Bear out its vital brew!

So nurse for earth no malice,

For earth has nourished you.
This is from my favorite poet, she gave it to me to read under the guise of a poem she was studying in class, so as we talked I had no idea it was hers.  She wanted my honest opinion, not the gushy mommy variety that I am inclined to first give.  The poem is arcane -- and so there were a lot of places we went with the meaning of it.  I told her I really liked it-- and then she told it was hers... and I liked it even more.


Susan said...

I like it as well. I think it is a beautiful reminder to appreciate what we have been given.

EJN said...

Thanks Susan,
Yes, God gives good gifts!
Have a good Lord's day, dear one!
Love to you,