Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's an early spring....

"God made the garden, and man made the town." - William Cowper

It's crazy that it is only the end of February and the wild daffodils and blanketing periwinkles are poking up and about.  We ate dinner on the porch and it was absolutely shorts weather.  We loved it, C. loved it, the girls were off working and missed it.
I drove up to the back of our drive this afternoon to see the trees and bushes sprouting green, I can't believe that winter is already over. The one thing that sold us on our property is the circle of trees that encase us in the spring, summer and early fall.  It makes me forget that we are very close neighbors to an apartment complex and a school yard.  Every November, I silently bemoan as winter brings with it a temporary end to our little enclosure.  This year, I am happy to see it return at least a full month early.  So lovely it is to see the flowers peek out, and my neighbor bustling in her garden. These neighbors inhabit the one side of our home without trees and we get to share the beautiful labors wrought by her fitful hands.  If all our neighbors had gardens like her, I should bemoan the trees, instead of the barren winter.

So very lovely.
I was looking for an appropriate poem by May Smith White in her book "Fourty Acres" which I always enjoy browsing.  When I looked up Bellingrath Gardens - it's in Alabama, I would have never guessed it was only a state away ...if we are ever down that way we must go. 

Bellingrath Gardens

There falls a stillness where these gardens grow.
A sacredness is felt along each trail ---
Repose to beauty,  Quietly as you go
Your way as if you sought the Holy Grail.
Through winding paths, down hallowed rows, serene,
The world is lost to all your senses, here:
For you become a part of every scene---
your heart drinks deep of charm and beauty near.

Could I but walk these dear trails often now,
I know my mind would feel a quickened urge
To think new thoughts; and then resolve somehow,
To fill each moment with their upward surge.
Though cherished gardens now are far away,
My heart throbs to their songs each glad spring day.

"your heart drinks deep of charm and beauty near" - a perfect line to keep in a pocket for the blessings of spring yet sprung.


WordGirl said...

Funny you should mention Bellingrath Gardens. I grew up about 15 minutes from there. They are lovely gardens (although I'll confess I prefer Cheekwood).

EJN said...

Interesting that you prefer Cheekwood, I love it to and so now on our next visit I will know it's even better than Bellingrath.
Hope you all enjoyed the weather yesterday. Let's get together sometime =o]