Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Baby Catechism

I recently bought a new CD for my little ones, Ask Me Whoooo.. Who Made You.  I try to introduce the  young parents in my circle to the the baby catechism.  I use it at home for C. and at school for my twos. It is so fun to see the little lights turn on.  And this CD really helps with memory.  If fact, I'm sold on it...

This evening, my little grandone, was have a hard time, he was plain disagreeable.  After he'd been disciplined and seemed to be headed for another run in with me I decided to turn on "Ask Me Whooo" He was playing with his cars and I heard him say to himself "I don't want to listen to this one."  I said a little prayer and went about making dinner.  Within five minutes he had pulled a chair next to me, was standing and wiggling in sunny spirits and singing the along with the catechism, all smiles.

It's a few hours later... my grandone is rolling around on the floor and singing excerpts of "Is there more than one true God?  No!.... In how many person does this one God exist? In three persons.  Name those persons.  The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit."

Sometimes,o.k.; oft times our emotions, whether we are small or of the tall grown varierty, roller coaster in dippty do's.  How we deal with it, when we deal with it, and the extent to which we deal with these dippty do's not only is telling of our character and personality but also evidenced to accept how quickly we accept  His grace and meditate on His goodness instead of wallowing in self-centeredness.

Os Guniness says something in the neighborhood of "the gospel isn't true because it works, it works because it's true."

Truth remains, feelings fades.

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