Saturday, February 4, 2012

Growing the heart garden...

It started early.  On Wednesday, after Bible Study, a friend, a lady in our church had made a double layered chocolate cake that was amazing.  The frosting was super rich -- so yummy!  Friends gave me a hand made card with three coins, one to save, one to spend and one to eat.  Can you tell they were both teachers?Delightful evening.

My actual birthday was yesterday.  I had a wonderful day and was so well loved that I was overwhelmed with God's goodness.  He is so sweet to put people in living community.

 My husband woke me up extra early and read to me selected readings - he knew I would love --I did. It was a two cup morning when ususally we only have time for one cup of coffee.

On arriving at work --my table was filled with gifts and there were birthday greetings all around.  I must say, I work at a place where "Jesus with skin on" is running all over the place -- sixteen lovely, mature christian women who love each other well.  Later this month, we have a retreat and I can't wait.

My co-teacher and good friend got me a new leather journal with chocolate and a fivebucks, I mean Starbucks card.  It's gorgeous and I had accidently left my other journal about and have yet to recover it, so it was just perfect timing.

My secret pal gave me a book published in1866 about parables, it is gorgeous and I shrieked! One of the kidlets, of a co-worker, was really interested she enjoyed the smell of the old leather and pages-- it has a light musky lavendar scent; really wonderful. She asked about the browning around the edges and I was able to teach her about foxing.  At four - she's already a book girl.  What's not to adore about that?  And blooming sunny daffodils -- my secret pal knows me- even though I don't know who she is.
My school families overwhelmed me, the kiddos came in bearing flowers(tulips, roses and a huge daisy), a flower pot, a decorated box that said "For the kids you love so well in Iraq - From the kids you love so well in Nashville" and kiddos brought books as they arrived for the library in Iraq.  One of the moms, who is a semi-professional baker made cupcakes in red, white and green for the Iraqi flag; the buttercream frosting was the best I've ever tasted, everyone agreed --- so delish! She told me later it was the recipe from NYC's Magnolia bakery. (I'll want to visit - unforgettable cupcakes.)I was overwhelmed and then a parent brought me in an additional gift from all the families --a bottle of wine, a card signed by each family with precious sentiments and it was stuffed with green.  Oh my, how well they know me -- wine, notes and book money -- some of my favorite love languages!

My husband picked me up from work and he had a little snack box of sashimi for me; and we were able to chat and laugh about the happening of the day. He also carried my books and stuff for me.  Hubby brawn is so appreciated. En route home, I recieved a call from my daughter asking for pointers on what she would need for making dinner for the fam and a friend.

I came home to a hand colored card dictated from my grandone and a absolutely hysterical card from my niece. 

C. took a nap on my lap as I watched a favorite show - something I don't ever get to do in the middle of the day.

Then K. and I made dinner -- she did great.  Peanut salad --- she is going to be a good little cook.  Fried cabbage with garlic.  Ginger chicken with sticky rice and chicken egg rolls.  So very yummy. I can't think of anything I like better than cooking with my kidlet, er, I mean growing young lady.

My friend came over for dinner - bearing cupcakes with "J" on them and another fivebucks card - yes - coffee is a love comodity with me!

My sweet daughter gave me a set of crocheting needles and an awesome ink gel pen with refills!!! It writes so smooth - does she ever know me!

We all talked and laughed til after midnight. We ended the night with prayer.
I am overwhelmed with the wonder of being loved and known so well.
GOD is so good.  How wonderful are His gifts to us... He most often wraps them in people.

A perfect day.  It was overflowing with God's collateral blessing of living community. 

So many times as women, we are about the business of loving others.  On special days we are reminded once again, that repetative labors are not in vain - but make a difference to people.  Being so weel loved made me think about intentionality --How many times do we reflect on how loving the ones we love well grows the gardens of their hearts?  What a gift to love others, and to love them well. 

And yes, it is better to give than receive, but it is a blessing to receive... and I am very thankful for cups of overflowing love and being lavished on yesterday.


Diane said...

Although belated, I'm rejoicing with you Jojo on your special day. No joke, I actually Googled the cupcake recipe from that bakery and found it!

Our son's b-day was the 5th. (37th)

EJN said...

Thank you!
Congratulations on your son's b-day. I hope you enjoy the cupcakes. I'm not a great baker, so I really appreciate those who can whip up sweet treats.