Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hmmmm? College Route

We met with an enrollment officer at A. College. It was a nice meeting. Seems like a authentic environment. The value for the sanctity of life is very evident. The 2 year program that bridges to a BSN would be an excellent fit. Not a lot of fluff in course work. We'll still look at a few other colleges and pray for the right course to be evident.
It is fun K. that you did a presentation today about a T map and well, you are more coincidentally mapping the course of your life. This should be fun.
We went to heart attack shack, otherwise known as Checker's, to celebrate. They do have great fries. You said, "I'm really glad they don't have campus housing, I want to live at home. I don't think I'd like dorms." On that - we agree. We want you to live at home and we don't like dorms either.
Then, once stuffed and happy, we started talking many some of the ways that God has given us peace in this course.
Pretty amazing.
Proud of you Kiddo.

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