Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Book Venture ...

I went "dumpster diving" for books this morning and met a few book sellers. I want to learn how to choose and sell books more effectively, so I jumped out of my comfort zone and asked a man what he was going to do "with all the books in his cart". He stated he makes his living by selling books. Another gentleman was stacking his cart of books at the counter so I asked him the same thing. Here is what they said I should do. Get what you like...Find a Niche...Invest and Learn!
Incidentally, I heard this back in July from a friend.

I've decided I like older books best, there is something soothing about holding an old antiquated looking book; as far a genres I prefer literature,textbooks (good homeschool titles sell), large coffee table books(a few $2 investments might yield a good return one of these days), biographies, personal journals and poetry. If I think something will sell well - I usually try it.

Finds of the day:Merchant of Venice in the Ten Cent Pocket Version ,- Several of the 1900's Arden Shakespeare Series, Fabulae Faciles - A First Latin Primer , The Woolcott Reader

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