Tuesday, May 1, 2012

An Apt response of heart...

I was feeling a little tug about my prior post.  It was harshly stated, and maybe appropriately so; however, I found an apt response in a familiar place... my books.

Books, good books - are good catalyst for the 180*'s that are ever necessary in us, as poor fallen creatures.  Highlighted or underlined passages, or old journal jottings are often just what God uses to call my heart to repentance.

I had to chuckle as I looked at the title this quote came from - as we are called to change not rant against the happening world. Albeit, changing is often labeled as ranting - but there again, I often need to check my motives. As in, how much of my rant is injustice and how much of it is a prideful gripe.

From - "On the Duty of Christianizing" - Thomas Chalmers
Eloquence may dazzle -and argument may compel  the homage of its intellectual admirers - and fashion may even, when these are wanting, sustain through its little hour of sunshine a complacent attendance on the reigning idol of the neighborhood--but it is only if armed with a panoply of scriptural truth, that there will gather and adhere to him a people who hunger for the bread of life, and who make a business of their eternity.
It is the church who stands against the rising tide of cultural folly.  Rise Up O, Men of God, for you the church doth wait, Rise Up, O, Men of God, and make Her great.  Grant it Lord Jesus.

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