Saturday, May 5, 2012

Whispers in Pleasure and Shouts of Pain

Faith rather than panic, is the proper response, King Solomon, one of the wisest men whoeer lived, once said that wisdom is found by being cautious and by correctly understanding all the facts.  When we make decisions in a calm, prudent, and biblical manner, we know we are acting wisely.                      
When I tell people this they respond, "It's easy enough to say we shouldn't panic, but I can't help panicking in the circumstances.
I know exactly how they feel, we are facing events and decisions that tempt us to panic.  Yet the Bible teaches us we can maintain a positive, prudent attitude in the midst of crisis.   - Dr. D. James Kennedy Your Prodical Child
It's been quite a little while since I have indulged in big bin diving at our local Goodwill Outlet (you rummage through huge bins - pull your treasures and pay by the pound. Books - 59cents and other stuff $1.39/ pound).  What a deal, if you actually would by the stuff otherwise.  I often get this feeling that something good is there, I believe it to be God whisper.  It is silly, I know, but God is so good that he...."whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks to us in our conscience, but shouts in our pains; it is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world." and C.S.  Lewis so poignantly stated. I am thankful for the whispers of pleasure I find in a good rummage.  I wanted a pool for Caiden, and fully intended to get one of those cheap little round K-Mart dealies.  Surprise, I found the fold up kind -a more expensive version not to mention being space friendly, in the bins.- I also found Dr. D. James Kennedy's book, the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, and a few other little treasures. Set me back nine bucks and change and I smiled at the blessing. 

I had a sneaking suspicion Prodical would be a good read, but bristled at the title.  It's a great read and with larger print for old, night eyes - I easily skimmed and read through most of the book in the early hours of this morning. The Mc D's ice tea before heading to bed no doubt helped.
The natural disaster contributed to the son's repentance. - Dr. James Kennedy
All the miseries we endure are a profitable invitation to repentance.  - John Calvin
I found myself, once again, dealing with that nasty old heart issue - panic.  When crisis comes my temptation is shock and discombobulation.  God desires our response to be one of trust and belief. How many seconds of unfettered emotion is disobedience when I receive the initial jolt of coming tumult?  After all, delayed obedience is disobedience.

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