Monday, April 30, 2012

Thinking of the word...

We acquire our vocabulary largely form our reading and our personal associates.  The words we use are an unmistakable indication of our thought habits, tastes, ideals, and interests in life.  In like manner, the habitual language of a people is a barometer of their intellectual, civil, moral, and spiritual ideals. - Kleiser  Fifteen Thousand Useful Phrases
I underlined this statement a few weeks ago. Saturday, as I sat through six hours of state required training,(I work at a private christian program?)- on Cultural and Diversity Training  for Early Childhood - culture, diversity, respect, abilities, gender, and families were topics du jour.  You can imagine leftist laden discussion that ensued.  Upon departing, I felt like a gak bucket had just dropped over my head and oozed on down.

I found myself mulling over these words and the use of them; and how, now, they are commonly divorced from God, our creator, in this "unfettered" society (free and easy ain't no compliment when the freedom digs one deeper into a muck hole of self-centeredness and irresponsibility). 

Ownership of garbage, by another name, still stinks...especially if it is in your home - and yet it is considered rude to say, "Excuse me, but those words come with a particular aroma, maybe it's worth discussion."

Maybe the word that best describes this post for me... rant or is it rancid.

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