Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sweetness of the Season and one Holy Catholic Church...

I thought I would jot down the happenings of today so after the Christmas cards and ornaments have been put in the upstairs closet we'll not forget the glimmers of truth seen in the common graces of the season. 
E. arrived to do a few carpets. Their home was modest and cluttered with collections and pictures of children, grandchildren and greats too, one supposes.  Mrs. A and Mr. S. have been married for over 50 years; they are in their late 70's. Upon E's arrival she handed him a  Homemade Christmas Card with a personal note (Complete with hand drawn Nativity, tree, ornaments and bunnies in the snow.) He chatted a bit before starting, and Mrs. A. said she must get some crafts done. Having finished the rooms, E. turned to go but Mrs. A called out and asked him to wait; he did. She handed him a wooden cross wrapped in red beads and ribbon, fingers full of glue. E. felt his emotion welling into tears.

The gift given with such grace - so very reminiscent of the gift of a Babe so long ago. We Rejoice with so many during this season, yet it,community - the Holy Catholic Church, can be so easily missed-overlooked.

E. walked in with teary eyes to tell me a story about these carpet customers today. One more precious part of the story E. relayed- Mrs. A. had drawn a picture of the seasons, it was there on the counter. As E's eyes brushed over it, he realized it was a love note, to Mr. S, filled with thankfulness for being lover and best friend for all those years.

All those beams of truth lived out through the meager gifts of one lady showing a common grace of the season, she loved God, husband, generations of children, and community. She didn't even know E's name when he walked in her home.

Reflecting on the day, it reminds me of a line of a Puritan Prayer "Beacons bright to allure".

Love notes: love notes of a life, to God, to spouse, to child, to family, to friend, to acquaintance.

HIS note to us: I came so that you might have LIFE, and not just life - LIFE ABUNDANT.

Rejoice - Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men.


Janine said...

My friend ... what an incredible post to read this morning! That so captures what this season is all about ... Jesus ... and the love that He lavishes on us and longs for us to give out. Sending you so much love to you and your precious family this Christmas. Only 3 more sleeps!!!

EJN said...

I have been thinking about the "lavish" in relationship to Christ's love all week. What a sweet blessing to read it in your comment this morning. You all a wonderful Holiday, too. We now sleep in a bit since K. is older, but with your 2 little ones and family all around - it's bound to be an early, wonderful celebration at you and yours.