Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Christmas Eve Day

 New friends, Old Christmas Dishes.
Bomia and Rice, Turkey with Sauce,
Boxing on Wii, the Story Traditions.
Fruit and Tea, Coffee and Cake,
Talking in Chops, Laughing A Lot.

Departing of Guests, Arriving as Family,
Making a Place, Feeling Like Home.
Questions and Learning, Acts full of Knowledge,
Hopes for the Future, Comforts with Rest.
We are Different, We are the Same;
We Build, We Celebrate,
Sitz im Leben.
Christmas is later than other years, per K.'s request. This happens as you get older, I guess (slight protest).  Rolls in the oven, Coffee in the Cups, all the other candles are lit and the white candle awaits the story's end, Dad and I are about to insist you get out of that bed.

Snow has fallen throughout the night.  It is lovely outside.  What a perfect gift to represent the gift of our Savior.

Rejoice, a Happy Day Indeed.

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Becky said...

Jo, I am grateful for you today!

Have a most blessed Christmas!

Because of Him,