Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"No More Books"

I never thought I would hear EN say those words. Books are his Love Language. Actually, E. said "No more books downstairs," when I let him on the plan to put my two newest bookshelves in the kitchen and hall he thought that was just - excessive. He also suggested I could move a few other newer bookshelves to the guest room as well.

Olden Golden Reads is breaking even with adding inventory, shelving, and supplementing for children's books to put in the libraries overseas. It is also a wonderful source of gifts and pilferage for E. and K. - they always rummage. K.'s new line, "I need this for my library." I recently sold a 1941 Analytical Bible that they both drooled over, and truly, my intent was to give it to E. at Christmas if it didn't sell before the 24th.

My plan is for Olden Golden to eventually make a little money, but for now, it is making headway. Small beginning not to be despised, I'm happy that it is self sustaining and growing; in light of the fact it started out as a $10/bi-weekly hobby. Also, I really enjoy looking at all those books, the value in that alone is worth hours of therapy. Ha!

The sellers I bump into to at Goodwill have been helpful and have given me pointers. The latest advice- "Inventory, build inventory - shoot for about 10,000 to 12,000." I'm at about 350 sellable volumes. I chuckled, nodded and thought,...
"REALLY? Now, that is excessive."

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