Monday, December 27, 2010

Books, Journals and Technology

There is an excitement in penning the first of many entries in a new journal. I've journaled since my teenage years, on and off in regularity and type. Ages and Stages, you know.  I mostly put down  quotes, sermons notes, prayers to God, and my thoughts about the profundities of close or familial relationships and happenings.
Last year, I started a kind of electronic journal on a file on my computer, quotes, sermon notes and something really fun, downloading old books and sources. I guess this blog has been a lighthearted journal of sorts too. 
In some way the e-world has affected my old habits.  As I caressed the leather cover of an old book and admired the lines of my new journal yesterday afternoon I started thinking, technology is a great thing with quick knowledge and infinite worlds of information but it can easily start to crowd the slow and sensorial pleasure of a worn book, a known chair,  an exceedingly soft throw and the quiet company of one engaging the same joy next to you.  
Starting the new year with old comforts....what could be better.  E. has already finished his first Christmas gift and has started into his second(The Tracts and Treatises of Calvin), I have some catching up to do- albeit I've started with something a little lighter.

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Janine said...

Hello my lovely friend. As always I was so encouraged by your note at my blog. I too have wrestled between trying to make time for things like journaling in my diary versus blogging. It can totally take over if I let it. I am so glad that you started your blog. I love your writing. You make us laugh, but also really think about what matters. Your passion for God always shines through. That's why I write on my blog too. I want people to know how very real our awesome Saviour is and that He is so approachable and desires for us to know Him in every one of the stages of life we are in.
Happy New Year to you my lovely friend. May you and your family have a year filled with all God's richest blessings!