Friday, June 18, 2010

Grace or Law

Peter Liethart's blog is one of the blogs I read - generally his discussion is miles above my head. Many things I need to look up definitions and/or ask E., I tease him that he is my "concordance". I read through the articles and trust that something will stick eventually. Today Mr. Liethart wrote a blog about orthodoxy and quoted Athanasius. Athanasius is my favorite church father. His contra mundum disposition is inspiring and invokes a kind of fear that calls boldness out of those temperaments that tend to thread a little too lightly to keep the peace at an exorbitant price. E. has often expressed to me that playing nice is not loving if one is walking towards or down the wrong road. We don't hear these kinds of messages much in circles that are not reformed and communal.
It is challenging for me to address someone that is sinning or thinking in a way that is unbiblical. I am an ever recovering "Keep the Peace at Whatever Price Katie". Keeping the peace is good, however, we are always called to do a "price check". I have come to deeply appreciate the Athanansius' in my life. They remind me to price check - a skill I am in ever need of. We read a few antedotes in "Through Windows of Heaven" every few weeks. The book is stories about Dr. Walter Martin as he addresses folks in Cults or other Christians who wish to "play nice". One of our favorite quotes from him is "if they don't experience the grace of God, leave them with the law."
There are only two sides to Love - grace and law.

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