Monday, June 14, 2010

Books, Medium and Treasure Hunting

I was reading Hebrews and Philippians yesterday morning from my favorite Bible. We picked it up at an old bookshop downtown. The Twentieth Century New Testament - it is small and red leather with gold embossed writing. It feels good, the pages are glossy and soft to the touch when I smooth back its pages as I turn them. The typeset is beautiful and even though its only a hundred years old, relatively young for an "old" Bible, it makes me think about who may have held it and what thoughts they had about God. It's a pew bible and this particular one sold for a buck fifty back in the day. I would love to have the whole Bible in this form but alas I found just a New Testament. Anyway, I love to read it in the morning - it always makes feel a kind of additional happiness. It's like our favorite throw or my fav coffee mug. It befitting. The wording is like the Living Translation of the early 1900's (slangy - I guess for that time) but I like it - not too casual, not too heady- straightforward - it is pretty right on. My fall back is ESV as a tester text- probably because that E's preference and I trust he'll reign me in if I'm sliding towards heresy. (Just jok'n)

Speaking of Books. I have a new little venture for the summer. I am selling books that I dumpster dive for out of the Goodwill Outlet book bins. My goal is to make enough money to pay for K and E's school books. What I have found is that Nominal theology sells pretty well. That's dishearting. I did sell an Educational Philosophy Book about Kant, Aristotle and ?. That gave me a little hope. Anyway, I have found several older books, I am not yet sure how to find out just what to look for - working on it.

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