Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Protecting the Unprotected

I read something so disturbing the other day that I ended up sobbing as I read through it in disbelief.

The article was on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) being legally performed by physicians in the U.S. This happening anywhere is horrible.  It is not faceless people.  These are sweet girls that will grow into precious women.  The AAP is suggesting to change its former stance of strong dissagreement to be altered to allow Pediatricians in the US to "nick or pierce" young women per the requests of their families.  Basically what has been illegal to do - they want to legalize to keep girls' families from sending them overseas to get it done in a risky setting and to a greater extent.

The idea that the American Academy of Pediatrics would even consider doing this to young girls is beyond my comprehension.  What happened to "do no harm"? 

This obviously isn't the kind of godly dominus that protects and defends for the good and betterment of these precious women.  This kind of "dominus" is oppresive and physically symbolizes the delegation of girls as objects  instead of  beloved protected partners.  Ugly. Wicked. Wrong. This is no religious ritual we can condone or ascribe to as valid coming of age rite.  These young women will have serious, lifelong, personal, medical consequences; some are life threatening; many are severe and chronic. 

Sign a Petition to dissuade the AAP from reversing its prior stand.

Some Americans will say that is a shame, but it what "that" culture does.  It is really not our fight.  If it isn't our fight, whose is it?  Sexual assault is wrong against anybody, from any religion, anywhere.  We don't get to choose who to protect against criminal assault on the basis of religion.  Not even if it is Islam.  And yes, I know that is not PC.

Legally our courts should act desicively. We should not be soft selling sexual assault to appease a Muslim Tradition that is not only criminal, but also unjust, medically risky, and deforming.

In Scandanavia when they started prosecuting families that did this, the incidents went noticibly down.

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