Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Notes: FINIS and the Flood of 2010

I finished notes yesterday.  I read all the underlined parts of the first quarter to my sweet friend who was just feeling freshly disassembled over her basement taking on water.  I didn't know what else to do. I read to her.  One quote led to another.  I asked her if she wanted me to keep on reading - she said yes.  I guess her love language is being read to aloud also.  We laughed to the point of crying and laughed again. 

This book was appropriately real for the Great Flood of Nashville 2010 - which we unfortunately are in the midst of and will be for quite some time.  Some of us were spared and suffering mere nusances, others are lossing everything.  We have one friend literally left with only the clothes he was wearing when rescued and his dog.

"This world is beautiful but badly broken, St. Paul says that is groans, but I love even its groanings." p.17

The groaning, as with childbirth invovles real pain, real tears, real moments where you say will I ever be through this part.  As I watch people I love go through the groaning, I am sad, so sad.  I wish that they were not going through loss, devastating loss. Life changing loss.  Deeply hurtful loss. 

God is big enough to show his love through the pain and loss.  I believe that.  Some of my friends believe that.  To feel that we must wait.  Wait for the redemption of this Great Flood.

Even if we do not believe or cannot feel - if God is who He says he is - "he will push the shadows back"p.197

"We are in Winter, where the light dies and blood runs cold. 
But we are not forgotten,  Wet, ripped from the trees and trampled, we will not be lost, we are His words, and when His voice calls, we will come. ...We will laugh and carve FINIS on the earth.  We will carve it on the moon.  We will look to the Voice, to the Singer, the Painter, the poet, the One born in a barn, the One with holes in His hands and oceans in His eyes, and on that day we will know- The story has begun ( of the greater stage)"

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