Saturday, May 29, 2010

Growing up into God's callings

K's you had your blessing night tonight.  All your friends and you known so well by your godly gifted teachers who love and guide.  It is really an incredible community.  What a blessing.

K., you and A are good friends and recieve the same blessing of Geert Groote . Isn't he the "run to the roar" guy?  I know that our deepest desire is that you hear and know His voice, that you love and follow His precepts and do the ordinary in an extraordinary fashion.

Your friend K was with us this evening.  He was a good sport for going to your school not knowing anyone.  I thought you and he might get some reactions.  I was worried but you all didn't seem phased about it.  It is quite the experience watching you grow into a young woman.  I guess you're a senior now.  How did it happen that you transformed from being my scrunched faced little munchkin into this thoughtful, determined beauty?

I remember seeing glimmers of that determination when you would not relinquish the thought of figuring out how the power outlet worked.  That was a hard day. It ranked up there with the two week crib wars and the pacie revolt.    I am thankful you are determined, I am glad you have turned your gaze upon the all-powerful One.  I pray that you will be determined to know His workings. 

A parent of a younger kiddo came and told me how you were a great friend.  I know this; you have always looked for those littler than you to engage them in play and conversation, making them feel welcome or loved.  It is funny how being so determined to complete something, you  can stop in a moment to wait for and/or bless a little one. This is a sign of strength.  True strength is demonstrated in gentleness.  I know you have sometimes felt a bit gypped because of you siblinglessness. I do believe God has used that lack and longing to built a special tenderness in your heart.

I can't wait for the next 10 years.  Then again, I want you to stay right here, tonight, just watching you sleep.  TIme is going so quickly.  We are glad we get to have you close for at least a little more time.

We are so proud of you, we are thankful to see the Lord's work in you. We are ever grateful to be a community where your gifts arenot only being called out but more and more realized.  We are blessed to see you sweet friends and their callings and gifts. 


You weren't made for us, although the joy youhave and continue to impart is immeasureable, you are destined for more. Your name means "fierce follower of Christ"

"What were we made for?  To know God.  What aim should we set ourselves in life? To know God.  What is the eternal life that Jesus gives?  Knowledge of God.  What is the best thing in life, bringing more joy, life and contentment  than anything else?  Kowledge of God.  What of all states God ever sees man in, give Him more pleasure?  Knowledge of Himself.  - JI Packer

FCS friends graduating 2010.  So you can remember


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