Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Love deep and wide and full and free

We started a new study on Pilgrim's Progress.  This is a really beautiful book, especially for young ones. The introduction included the editor's poem about the work...

The shadow of a wooden cross

A rising Son displayed.
In that place and on that day
An ancient debt was paid.

Prophetic Word merged with flesh,
With love bound to a tree.
There justice met with mercy
For all the world to see.

Divine the name of Him who hangs
With emblem wounds of glory,
Page of light that turned the night
Into a different story.

Joy was mixed with agony
That day upon the tree.
Reflecting on the Book of Life
My Savior thought of me.

Love deep and wide and full and free,
Love priceless and apart,
Love stained with crimson hues and tears
Has entered human hearts.

Look up, dear soul, and fix blind eyes
Upon the Savior’s tree
And you will find as others have,
He makes the sightless see.

An unexpected resting place
Was found beneath that tree,
Where all my burdens came undone
And I found liberty.
-CJ Lovik

Now, this is one of several different copies at our home, our favorite and most precious is the one K. brought back from London, however, with the lovely typeset and beautiful illustrations ( a must for an allegory) I find this edition simply irresistible.


Trisha said...

Oh, Jojo, you've linked to a book! And now I feel compelled to add it to my wish list. :) This sounds wonderful! Do you remember how many times it is that Spurgeon read through Pilgrim's Progress?

I'm so glad all of our children have loved this book and have not balked at the language, etc. Is this version modernized? Please, say "no!" :)

EJN said...

Here is a link of sample pages.
It is a bit modernized, others are reading the cheap copy of the other version and only a few words are changed. It is not the modern version.
See for yourself.
I am reading it in my 1860's copy and this new version.
The layout of this is just beautiful and the price at Westminster is the best I have found.
One lady in our study, she is in her late 60's has her father's copy from when he was a boy.
She said she read it as a very little girl when she ran out of other things to read and loved it.
To her memory she never remembers her father reading it to her.
How wonderful it is that your children have parents who lavish good literature full of God's truth on them. What a gift.
Now, I need to research how many times CHS did read Pilrim's Progress. Thanks for the rabbit trail. Love those!
On another point, how exciting that Ink is able to spend time with Becky's fam.
As always-
Love to you, Dear Friend,

Susan Struck said...

Just beautiful.