Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Family Picnic on a Midsummer's Night

Last weekend we had the joy of watching our daughter play Thisbe in Aquainas College's  picnic rendition of "The Most Lamentable Comedy of Pyramus and Thisby: A Midsummer Night's Dream"

 Evening Highlights:

She's our stoic - Can you believe it?

The play was very fun and relaxed, we, the audience, were camped out on blankets, with picnics and all the kidlets buzzing about dressed as faeries (they were invited at the end of the evening to sing "the fairy's lullaby" and got a star wand. Oh my!) It song worked; by the time we arrived home our little boy was crashed out.

Most of the Mechanic players were in K's group of friends - so it was fun to watch! Whoops! We didn't get pix of the wedding party that is worth sharing.

C. and I getting ready to watch
Aunt K. in the play.

Robin Starveling and Flute  joking around.

So, where is the hole in the wall?

Enjoying the theatrewith Uncle.

Thisby dies with gusto!

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