Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Treasure

This is a poem my niece wrote as part of a college assignment.  She shares my love for poetry; I like that,  and she is a wonderful, loving, attentive mother.

Mother's Treasure
A first step, a laugh, a tear, a kiss
Moments much too precious to miss.
More true, more deep, purer than gold
Forever you are mine to hold.
The rarest wealth is you my child,
This I’ve known since you first smiled.
There’s no denying the love I bear,
Protecting you is my foremost care.
To watch you flourish, treasure bestows
An astounding love that endlessly flows,
Surrmounting affection that grows and grows
It fills me up from toes to nose.
-RNL May 2011

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Trisha said...

Wonderful!! This Mama loves those words!