Wednesday, January 11, 2012

One of Those days...

C and C doing bubble head - What a pair of cuties!
This has been a day, a day to remember...
We remember learning to stop and hang out on the porch
We remember you playing your flute and hearing the sounds of the hymns waif out the upper window
We remember Dutch pancakes with inlaid bacon
We remember frank discussions and honest questions
We remember when you weren't yet part of our lives and we had no idea the blessing we were missing
We remember practice for church hymns and psalms
We remember your sinister laughter and practical jokes
We remember Kel and Rhi responding to their "bigger sister" in the Lord
We remember a 100 waves at the airport continuing until we couldn't possibly see one more glimpse of you.
We remember your time with a glorious gift.

We learned stopping to reflect as a family should be done everyday... for a bit of time, with a little wine.
We learned that unexpected praise makes us stop to listen to the sounds of His goodness in the midst of living.
We learned some folks eat dutch pancakes in large stacks instead of rolled - do you remember who?
We learned we really appreciate when people are forward and don't beat around the "proverbial" bush!
We learned we could love a stranger as a daughter in a very short amount of time
We learned Sunday mornings can be stressful or peaceful - it's always a matter of heart orientation
We learned E. has an able rival for ornery
We learned that advise from a "big" sister is like sugar that makes the medicine go down easily
We learned some days are best served with tears.
We learned from you ... you are precious... you are loved... and you will be missed.

Today, we sent Carin-enous off, she's back to Holland.  She is an enormous blessing, we miss her already.  A full house can seem empty with just one less... - Today, is most definately - an empty house day. 


Trisha said...

Oh, JoJo, what beautiful words for this dear young lady who has been part of your lives. There's no doubt she's missing you just as much. May all your memories of your time together bring you much joy today, my friend. Love and hugs!

Becky said...

JoJo, time with those we love are glorious gifts indeed.

I loved how you put these mixed feelings in words... and I love this particular one very much:

"We learned stopping to reflect as a family should be done everyday... for a bit of time, with a little wine"

The wine part is important.

Hugs to you as you go through an empty house day <3


EJN said...

Thank you Trisha and Becky for your encouraging words. Love to browse and see your latest posts. They always encourage me. I'm off to work this morning, but our little preschool is opening one hour late...what a lovely extra hour-I even got to re-warm my coffee. Blessings to you today.

Diane said...

Jojo, How nice it is to learn a bit more about you and your family. What a blessing that you were able to share your life with this lovely young pilgrim.

And I'm with Becky on the wine. ;)

Oh, and I totally LOVE the orange blog!

Susan said...

That was such a beautiful thing to read! I hate good-byes, but the harder they are to endure, the more blessed you've been.

Interestingly, my word verification for this comment is "wines".

EJN said...

Thank you, Diane and Susan...Yes, wine is good for the soul.

Diane, burnt orange is one of my favorite colors these days.

Susan, I loved the pix on your blog of you crocheting, I am addicted these days. I get in spots of crocheting, although I don't actually know how to read a pattern - so I wing it =o} I'm working on a blanket for my grandone's 3rd birthday later this week.

Love to you both,

Carine said...

snif... snif... ;) Thanks Jo for all your sweet words. I'm going to take a shower, after that I'll try to call you. Wish I was there, can't express how much I miss y'all. Wish I could move the time back. And... Don't forget how much you and your family has ment - and still does - for me. You and E but also K & R & C... Has been such, a one million times more as I was, a huge and undescrible blessing for me. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!!! All my love, C

Trisha said...

Thinking of you, my friend....

EJN said...

My Sweet Carni-inous...we miss you hon! Every last one of us. Wish you were here, but we know the Lord has you right where He has planned for you. Kisses and Hugs - Enjoy the Lord's day with lots of cozy chatter!

EJN said...

Thanks for your note. So sweet of you - Thank you - it is so nice to hear from you, even though I written a stitch in a week and a half.=o]