Sunday, October 30, 2011

Reformation Sunday

The thought one of my favorite quotes, "Are you content to be one snowflake in the blizzard of this life?" (ND Wilson)  collided with some underlining and written notes I was perusing today.
I had gifted "Instruments in the Redeemer's Hand" by Paul Tripp  months ago to my husband for some occassion or another. It was in his reading stack and one of my favorite things to do is to read through the highlighted and penciled comments in the books he's reading. This one fits to our thoughts on today a it is Reformation Sunday - the idea of being in a royal priesthood called to be a faithful defender yet numbered among the myriad of saints that have contended for the faith throughout hundreds and even thousands of years... many have gone before, many are to follow.

Your life is bigger than you ever imagined.  You live in one moment in time, yet you stand hand-in-hand with Enoch, Noah, Moses, Joseph, Abraham, Isaac, Jeremiah, Ezekial, Matthew, Peter, Paul, Augustine, Calvin, Luther, and generations of unknown believers who understood their place in the kingdom and did their part in its work.  Only as you keep this huge world in view will you be able to live and serve effectively in the small world where God has placed you.

 God gave some of these men a "heads up" on where they were headed - Joseph, Abraham, Paul - to name a few - but most often God doesn't layout life's blueprint for us, He calls us to be faithful in our little worlds... In our families, churches and communities.   In the daily doldrums, the Sabbath ruts, the part on part and stack on stack that accumulates along with graying hair.

I think too often these days we struggle with amnesia, God ordained his work to be accomplished through a holy catholic church not  a holy Catholic church- we are but one tiny speck in this march.

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Trisha said...

Your words always bless my heart, Jo. Oh, how beautiful they are. Thank you for this encouragement today.

And I LOVE that you review your husband's highlighted notes. Such a treasure. I love to highlight and make notes in my books, too. I pray my family will be encouraged by my legacy in the margins one day. Much love to you!