Sunday, September 4, 2011

Un WIT ing Blessings

C., my sweet nephew, and I went on an outting to the "duck" park yesterday.  I love that he kept calling the geese the Daddy ducks because they were big and the ducks were little.  I think this must be the age God was thinking of when he admonishes us to become as little children.  These little ones see daddies as they really are.  They can't imagine anyone stronger than daddies.(I guess if could keep this perspective - which is the accurate one of God, circumstances and troubles would stay in their proper place)

After we'd trotted through the park and around the pond, making sure to stop for the planes, train, and even a helicopter we decided it was time for ice cream.  McD's was slammed so we tootled down the road  This is the ensueing conversation about C.'s dripping face.
Me-"C., Wipe your face using your napkin."
C -"Auntie, you gave me two "nappins".
Me - "Yes, Sweetie, I thought you might need a back-up"
C. - "No, I need a bathtub"
Me- Admid poorly suppressed laughter. "I think you might be right.

The exhortation at church today was about seeing God's blessings in the rhythms of our daily lives... ducks, geese and dripping ice cream conviviality - definately on the top of my list of blessings this week.


Trisha said...

A post full of so much sweetness, Jo! I love your words, and I love your nephew's sense of humor. I'm sure you are bringing much sunshine to his days. How blessed both of you are.

EJN said...

Thanks Trisha for your kind words. I had forgotten how much fun little ones are - lotsa work, but so much truly is the good "stuff".