Monday, September 12, 2011

Porch Sittin...

Our favorite view - is the "front porch look'n in"!

As I meandered through town with my niece yesterday the porches caught my attention.  Some with worn furniture, some with the newest look and others with no sitting places at all. I wondered do people use these porches - do they gather there to love and laugh...To decompress the cares of the day?  I'm guessing our front porch gets more use than many, a byproduct of having a mini "girls dorm" of sorts.  It is where discussion moves later in the evening - where cordial glasses filled with red wine paired with billows of  E.'s fruit scented cigar smoke and candles set a stage.
What will the topic be today girls?
Boxing Matches?
Theology of Food and Celebration? (menu big at our house
Check Lists for Potentials?

Anyway,  two thoughts as my eyes peruse through the warm animated faces and over to the asian lilies buds, tall begonias, freshly blooming hydrangeas and flowerless but brilliantly green new Guinea impatients:

Ahh! I didn't water again....
             and more substantially...
The grass withers and the flowers fade but the word of the Lord stands forever.  - Solomon

For fun-
In the words a few country songs...This is "Good Stuff", it's "Just Another Day in Paradise
enjoying the sweetest view, our  "Front Porch Looking In".


Trisha said...

Dear Jo,
I've always loved covered front porches with swings and have especially missed them after moving away from the South. My heart skips a beat when I do see those few homes where we live that have porches. Sadly, they're most often empty. But porches are for doing those very things you mentioned. What a blessing, my friend!

Susan S said...

I LOVE front porches. I also love the "Front Porch Look In" song. We do not have a front porch now and I wish that we did. I just think you get to know your neighbors a lot better when you are accessible like that. Instead, I walk our dog a lot, meeting neighbors along the way.

Trisha said...

Just stopping in to say thank you for your gift of good words. You bless me greatly. :)

Susan S said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment this morning. You are entered once already in the give-away!