Saturday, August 27, 2011

Domesticity and Gratitude

Our little house is bustling with people. A people house is a lot of work - and I am now transitioning from the slide into the empty nest - to full fledged mothering/mentoring with schedules and all. I am running to catch up.  It is a happy transition, but a lot of work.  At day five, I see my need for repentence, from selfishness and slow mode to organizing and encouraging the troops.  The biggest need for this has come in the delightful addition of C. to our home, he is two, full of energy, loves books, and beams when his Uncle "Eggy" walks in the room.  They have gotten the routines down of praying then slaying laundry room monsters, taking the little tikes truck out to pick up the mail, and that all important male job, of taking out the trash and organizing the recycling.
We had our first Saturday breakfast, it consisted making and devouring Fannie Farmer's pancakes with a few additions - chocolate chips,  sprinkles, and the ageless and might I add "easy enough for me" Mickey shape. Did I mention, the making started at 7:30 and took a full two hours to complete.  The delight and thanks on a little face was more juice than a second cup of coffee, and when he asked for another at snack time I had to laugh and concede.
E. and I was watching a talk by Susan Hunt on the role of the christian wife and mother. It was such an encouragement and admonishment - I ended up sobbing.
Anyway, this is one of those time when I feel overwhelming gratitude and awash in the knowledge I am completely unable to meet this task without the Lord's strength.  
It is funny to me, that this time last year, my expectations of what this year would look like was so very different.
TO HIM who able to do exceedingly, abudantly, above all the you think or imagine - be praise and glory...


Trisha said...

This is beautiful. Simply beautiful.

Thank you, too, for the link to the talk. Every mother needs to be reminded about the wonderful privileges we have as wives and mothers. And, it is all by His grace. Amen.

Susan S said...

Your blog posts always fascinate me.