Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Poem to My Daughter's Father

Leading a daughter?
Dads true now so few,
The world’s in rubble-
'Ere penn’d note for you.

It’s simple, sing songy...
Like laughter, and life
You bring to our home,
For both, daughter and wife,

You pray, as you lead,
Have faith, as you guide.
In God, by whose grace
We do step into stride.

His lessons we seek,
And home, be the ground
Where fam'ly is led,
To the Spirit's soft sound.

He’s Master of Right,
Ev’r inch low His rule.
Tho’ culture's a ‘rye-
His Redemption, its pearl.

And lead by hap’chance?
The deal’s BIG; so, no way.
A culture’s abal'nce,
And Dads true, a main stay.

Thanksgiving today
For grace, in its place.
Lead on, in the Way
As our Father sets pace.
-JN 6/19/11

Scribble, scribble - E. Thanks for being amuseing, I mean amazing!
The try - is 3 lines iambic/ anapest, w/ the 4th line of each quatrain being anapest diameter.


Susan S said...

Wonderful poem!

EJN said...

Thanks Susan,
I really like poetry, can ya tell? I love posting poetry. I'm a poet wanna be - so this is my step towards order and away from just spewing words.
Chesterton said, "If a thing is worth doing, it's worth doing badly."
Have a great day!