Friday, June 24, 2011

Last night a book arrived in the mail.  A book about a muse.  A book to lead as an example for a young woman, for my young woman.  It is The Tenth Muse  by Anne Bradstreet.  She was an amazing multifaceted woman who was loving, supportive attentive, brilliant, savy and humble. Perhaps her most impressive character trait  was that she did not consider herself a poet, but rather, a wife and a mother. She understood her calling as a woman.  Isn't that lovely.  We are not what we do, but rather, who we are.  And who we are, surrounds us. Lizzie Janovic in her book Loving the Little Years, states it this way,

"These people are you.  Your identity is supposed to be intertwined- that is the way God wrote the story, and it is the way he intends us to read it."

What is it that makes a hearth warm? Inviting? Alive?  As I peruse pages of wonderful women who love their families well - I see so much variety.  Isn't that beautiful, that God in His creation is gratuitously diverse?  He is displayed so differently in each of, beams of His prism of grace, and our understanding of Him is thereby enlarged.  I love that.

You young ladies have a wonderful day, and enjoy the poems of Mrs. Bradstreet.


Trisha said...

I've missed you! :)

I love Anne Bradstreet and how she delighted in being a wife and mother. Thank you for these good words today.

Love and hugs!

Susan S said...

Sometimes my son tells me I am the world's best mom...I answer that I am the best mom for HIM. I wouldn't be the best for some other children, but I am who God chose for him so I must be the best for him.