Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Memory Stones are Fun!

This is a post to first give thanks to God for his guidance, blessing and extravagent abudance. It is also a  memory stone. In September, we had prayed and started our serious college search for K. We decided on a college today, she was offered a full scholarship to her first choice. We are all, every one, ever so thankful, gitty with excitement; overwhelmed by joy, and breathing easier knowing the decision is just as it should be.  It is so much fun to recount all the steps (at least the ones we have seen) that brought us here.

Be still and know the I am GOD.
Sweet to trust in those words, sweeter still to reflect on them.

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Trisha said...

We do this, too, and call them Ebenezers. After "big" events, we have a Rejoicing Feast. It is wonderful to remember God's goodness to us and to pass down these memories. Praise God for your Memory Stone! :)