Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Telephone Call

Uncle Joe is quite a guy. He is never short of an opinion especially in relationship to God, the Church Universal, Politics, or Life in general. I enjoy listening to his loving tirades. He works hard and to the best of his ability. He is thankful for the small gifts of life and he loves his family.

Tonight's quotes from him that I liked...

"God doesn't just give you what you want, he wants you to put one foot in front of the other, and the other, and the other, and keep working until you get it done."

"I can't believe that some people actually believe that God doesn't exist - I can agree with them, He doesn't exist, He lives!"

"I am amazed at how much the Lord loves me and how he blesses me, it brings tears to this opinionated old man's eyes all the time, I don't know why he loves me, I just know that he does"

"Even when I knew B. wanted to push me out, I went to work everyday and kept doing my best. He was surprised, he expected me just to give up. I just kept doing my best.... That's what you do."

There is not a lot of people who know your Uncle, K. He is one of those most ordinary people who shape what the world really is. He is not pretentious, but filled with gratitude. Knowing him shapes me, he keeps me grounded to the past, he walks out faith and trust, hard work and truth.

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