Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Why is prayer necessary for the Christian?

Because it is the chief part of the graditude which God requires of us; and because God will give his grace and Holy Spirit only to those who sincerely beseech him in prayer without ceasing, and who thank him for these gifts.

Heidelberg Catechism

Grace follows the Law and the Law dies a 1000 deaths to Grace. -A. Munco


Keeley said...

This is a great quote to ponder. I don't think I display enough gratitude to my Heavenly Father - this is a good reminder that i need to do so.

EJN said...

I am a "quotie", kind of like a "foodie". We started as a family reading through this Catechism and this one stuck out to me too- that's why I blogged it!

CH Spurgeon, in his devotional, Morning and Evening,states it this way, "It ought to be as habitual for us thank as to ask."

Have a great weekend!