Saturday, September 25, 2010

5 K

K. - we did it. We finished our first 5K. We had quite a time. You were a great coach today. I was worried and apprehensive about racing publicly, thanks for hanging back and not smoking me. You certainly would have breezed in 15 to 20 minutes earlier had you chosen to fly solo. My thoughts, as you lovingly dragged me in a full sprint across the finish line, hand and hand with you, "This is the good stuff".

I am happy that we finished our first 5K, and doing it together was not only revealing but shoe loads of fun. I'm looking forward to our next. I'm at least a smidge amazed that you want there to be a next one.

That being said, I am so very proud of who you are. You made this day stellar. I hold my breath, tears come to my eyes, as I watch you running towards womanhood, it is lovely, God's faithfulness in your life stops me, astounds me, brings me to that place of wonder and thanksgiving.

Olive Juice!


WordGirl said...

What a great post. I must admit I am a bit fearful of the teen years with three girls, but a post like this one makes me look forward to all I'll get to share with them in the coming years.

EJN said...

Thanks, it is so strange to watch them grow up, I think every stage has its wonder. Your a great mom, you all are ever on adventures. I think your practice of journaling your that ia and will be priceless to the girls. Have a great Sunday!