Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Play Book or a Book for Play?

Yesterday, I noticed a new book on my dining room table, it's our family way -
 when we get packages they go on the table
 - as a kind of welcome home -
and the welcome is,  a kindness - in  this home.
I heard about this title from a lecture earlier this summer on writing,
It hooked me and now I am hooked on it.  
(Warning: Some content in this book is kiddo, and adult, inappropriate)
I got a great deal on this book of chiasmus,
and great deal of chiasmi are in this book. 
I know my writing continually in this manner is a little over done,
but if done over my writing manner just might improve continually.
And that being said, it's fun and funnily said-
So here it goes, and, I'll understand if you want to go from here.

Of Faith:

Through Christ's obedience
founded faith for life is given;
Given obedience lives
wherever faith is found.

Of Marriage:

State it simple-
Godly dominance invites true submission,
True submission welcomes godly dominance.
Simply stated-
Love begets loveliness,
Loveliness begets love.

An adoring husband loves his wife,
A loving wife adores her husband.

A marriage casts a reflection of God,
Godly reflection casts a marriage.

Of Sorrow:

In times of trouble,
do I hover and cover
and sight losses instead of God?
In troubled times
am I covered and hovered
by the God who never loses sight?

A few journal jots from last night's jaunt in my journal.


Susan said...

Oh, I like these! They are true and provoke deeper thought yet.

Debbie Crawford said...

Deep...I really like these.

EJN said...

Dear Susan and Debbie,
Thanks, I am so glad you like these little dittys. I find flipping words around fun and your encouragement is a gift - thanks again. Have a lovely week.
May the Lord grant you His grace as you journey, His peace as you traverse, and His joy in the whole of life.
With love and warmest regards,

Petra said...

I like! It helps me wrap my thoughts around each phrase. :-)

Blessings on your day!